Yael Segal, Legal Translator

My name is Yael Segal, and I’m an attorney and an English-Hebrew, Hebrew-English translator. I also lecture about legal translation.20130505_131635

These days you can get any text translated – for free. You can use automatic translation tools, such as Google translate or Babylon. The result vary – between “readable, but not quite it”, to “completely incomprehensible”.

If you’re satisfied with a mediocre result, there’s no need to spend money. But those who respect the text they’ve written, and their readers, ought to provide them a text they can understand. Automatic translation does not provide a comprehensive text, or even a result you can “work with”. Good translation requires a professional, real-life translator.

A translator should be familiar with the destination language as well as the target language. But a translator should also be familiar with the subject-matter of the text. As an attorney, I speak two additional languages – Hebrew and English “Legalese”. These languages are not easy, and the result of legal translation by a lawyer would always have a special touch that is hard to come by if you are not a professional.

I specialize in the following:

  • Legal translation – I’m a certified lawyer, LL.B. cum laude from the Tel Aviv University. I translate litigation documents, corporate documents (articles of association, etc.), legal opinions, contracts and more.
  • Academic translation, specifically psychology and biology – B.A. Psychology from the Tel Aviv University
  • Translating children’s books and rhymes

People ask me – isn’t translating difficult? Isn’t it boring?

So no, I don’t find it difficult or boring – I find it challenging. The ability to translate is a wonderful gift. It enables me to connect people who don’t speak the same language, help them understand each other. It requires that I understand what the author is trying to say, and then make the readers understand just that, and at the same time remain loyal to the text. I can’t write as I would, using my style, but I have to stick to the writer’s style. Translating requires, on the one hand, adhering to the text, and on the other – tons of creativity. That’s why I like it.

This is what my customers are saying:

“Yael is reliable, honest, dependable and provides a fantastic service.
I highly and warmly recommend her.”
- Nadine Amiel, Advocate and Notary

“I wanted to thank you or the wonderful translation of my children’s book.
You work so fast it shocked me every time, but I also liked your ability to transform the Hebrew jokes and local humor into English, keeping them in line with the source while making them into an independent piece through translation.
You did all that while listening to my questions, requests and opinion.
I hope to write more books so that you may translate them!”
- Avishag Arbel, author

“Thank you for being flexible, light, for the professional work but most of all, thank you for the trust – all, and we never even talked! I will turn to you the next time I need professional translation into English, you bet!”
– Libby Khokhim, graduate student