Yael Segal – Legal Translation by an Attorney

My name is Yael Segal and I’m an English-Hebrew, Hebrew-English translator. I’m an attorney and lecturer on Legal Translation in Bar Ilan University and Beit Berl College. I also give lectures on legal translation to attorney firms.

To me, the ability to convert texts from one language to another, to bridge between worlds, is a gift and a calling.

As an attorney I am well familiar with the expressions and term of Hebrew and English “Legalese.” When translating legal content, even the best translators can fail if they are not familiar with the jargon.

My fields of expertise:

  • Legal translation –
    • Translation of legal opinions
    • Translation of judicial documents, statements of claim, statements of defense and pleadings
    • Translation of certificates
    • Translation of wills
    • Translation of financing and prenuptial agreements
    • And more.

I am a certified attorney, B.A. cum laude, Tel Aviv University

  • Academic translation, specifically psychology and biology – B.A. in Psychology, Tel Aviv University
  • Translation of children’s books and rhymes.